Unit Sizes

We have many different sized units available so you can lease whats right for your needs.  Below are some of the sizes and a short description to help you choose the right size. 

Here's examples and descriptions of some of our units available
5x5 5 X 8

Our smallest unit is perfect for small

furniture, a small mattress set or

office supplies.  About the size of a

half bathroom or small closet.

5x10 6 X 10

 This sized unit is ideal for 1 or 2 

bedrooms or a small apartment.  It

store a matress and sofa set, boxes

and miscelaneous things.

5x10 6 X 14

This unit has an additional 4 feet in length, 24 additional square footage, totaling 84 square feet.

10x10 10 X 10

 Our 10 X 10 holds the contents of 2

full bedrooms or a full sized family

room.  Washer & dryer, refrigerator

and an entire office room.  About the

size of a standard bedroom.

10x15 10 X 15

 This is the size of a large bedroom.

It can hold all the furnishings from a

2 or 3 bedroom house inculding 

outdoor furnishings.

10x20 10 X 20

 Our 10 X 20 unit is is slightly larger 

than a one car garage.  It can nicely

accomodate the furnishings of a five

bedroom house.  You could even 

store a vehicle.

10x30 10 X 25

 Our largest unit can store furniture

from a seven bedroom house.  It is

compareable to a very large garage.




We have warehouse space available,

up to 10,000 sq feet available.